Marketing Funnel Automation for the Freedom, Digital Nomad, and Cryptocurrency Industries




Discover the most powerful sales, marketing, and webcast AUTOMATION SYSTEM available for Unconventional Entrepreneurs such as freedom seekers, digital nomads, non-conformists, and other pioneers wanting the independence to live how they want, anywhere in the world.


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Proven systems, integrated with marketing automation, will multiply your efficiency, skyrocket sales, overjoy customers, and reduce time spent on marketing and follow up.


Success as a coach or consultant means building a platform. Position yourself as the only expert in your field your clients want to work with.

I Create Independent Lifestyles for High-Level Entrepreneurs

More Exposure

An expert platform positions you as an authority within your field and is magnetic to your ideal client.

More Conversions

Strategically architected automatic marketing funnels attract more leads and convert more leads into customers.

More Revenue

Use marketing automation to multiply your free time, increase your income , and grow your business on autopilot.

More Profit

Create your own online courses and leverage your existing knowledge into more free time and revenues.

I increase productivity and profit for high-level entrepreneurs by systemizing and automating their businesses. Or, as I like to say, I create independent lifestyles for coaches, consultants, online educators, radio / podcast hosts, info marketers, digital nomads, financial planners, investment / financial services, and other business owners focused on freedom, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and independence.

As a small boutique agency focusing on revenue generating systems, I can’t, and won’t, work with everyone. My application process makes sure I work with business owners wanting MASSIVE RESULTS in more free time, income, and / or business growth.

The Marketing Automation Success System is a proven process for generating more business, increasing lifetime value of your clients, and giving you back your time freedom. It’s a customized plan for your specific business.

My Guarantee: For business owners who believe in investing in growth, the value you’ll experience working with me will surpass your expectations.

Areas of Focus

Marketing Automation (More Time and More Revenue)

Increase your sales and marketing efficiency by consolidating client / lead information, followup, tasks, lead magnet and information delivery, and more with Infusionsoft or Active Campaign. Attract leads, convert sales, and wow your customers.

Marketing Funnel Architecture and Optimization (Bigger CLV)

Incorporate profit capturing sales funnels into your automatic marketing system and see your lifetime customer value soar. Regardless of your product or service, an optimized customer value system will drive revenues skyward.

Customer Acquisition Optimization (Get New Customers)

Acquire more customers with a predictable, scaleable, measurable, and cost effective system. Most companies lose money with paid traffic, with our proven system, you never will again.

Online Course Design and Consulting

Create a new revenue stream, position yourself as an expert, and educate your clients. Online courses are the next evolution in online education. We’ll help you create and deliver beautiful online courses, quizzes, and more using Infusionsoft and other tools.

Product and Service Launch

Launch your new business, product, or service the right way. Smart businesses know that a powerful online product launch can make the difference between success and failure online. Let us set you up for success.

Powerful Copywriting

Nothing is more powerful than the words you use to tell the story of your business, products, and services. We are trained, experienced direct response copywriters who know how to get results.

Automatic Lead Nurturing Systems

Studies prove that sales don’t happen on the first visit to your website. Our automatic lead nurturing system walks prospects from cold leads to hot repeat customers.

Video Marketing

50% of mobile internet views are to video, and 78% of internet browsers view videos at least once a week. Every year online video grows in popularity, and if your business isn’t there, you’re missing out. Let us show you how to integrate video into your automated marketing system.

Lifecycle Marketing and Marketing Automation

The right marketing. The right prospect. At the right time. On Autopilot.


Turn Your Expertise into a Product and Skyrocket Your Income

Add a new revenue stream, scale your business, become a well known expert in your industry, and boost profits with your own beautifully designed online course.

Course Design and Implementation

Business, hobbies, fitness, health, technical skills, and more can all be turned into profitable courses. By integrating marketing automation power with cutting edge software, we’ll create beautiful courses you can sell for profits, brand recognition and more.

Course Consulting

Do you already have an idea for a course? Have you tried but not released or seen the results you desire? Whether its technical help, putting together your outline, or figuring out your target market, course coaching keeps you on-track.

Why Create Your Own Online Course?

Leverage Your Existing Knowledge and Passion into Passive Income, Higher Credibility, and a New Revenue Stream.

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About Glen Kowalski

Glen is a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert, Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, Course Design Consultant, Product Launch Expert, and Direct Response Web Copywriter.

His work has appeared in  and / or been used by Microsoft, International Living, Sovereign Society, David Morgan Report, Wall Street Daily, Hemisphere Publishing, and several other well known businesses and publications. But his true passion is for small professional and consumer services business like consultants, financial planners / financial services, law practices, coaches, and construction / architectural firms. Continue Reading…

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fdgdfgdgfdgDiscover where you should be focusing your marketing over the next 3 – 6 months to get more leads, turn more leads into customers, and increase the lifetime value of your clients. - See more at:
Discover where you should be focusing your marketing over the next 3 – 6 months to get more leads, turn more leads into customers, and increase the lifetime value of your clients. - See more at:

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