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About Us

Killer Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Let’s get one thing straight. I am not your typical cut-rate “offshore” copywriter…

Because I call Panama home, I can give you a better rate than if I lived in L.A. or New York. But, I am not cheap…

If you’re looking for 5 dollar emails and articles, or $100 landing pages, visit sites like Freelancer.com and Elance. There’s lots to choose from…

But, if you’re looking for quality writing that sells, keep on reading…

I’m a member of American Writers and Artists, the top organization representing, training, and providing direct response copywriters in the  world. I have trained under and been mentored by some of the biggest names in the business. My writing has appeared both online and offline in prestigious publications such as International Living, Sovereign Society, David Morgan Report, Wall Street Daily, and many others.

I don’t list these names to brag, but to let you know that when it comes to copy that gets results, I deliver.

While I was born in Canada, I spent several years in the US busting my chops with companies like Microsoft and Volt Communications. And honing my skills in marketing, psychology and hypnotic writing from some of the greats like Kevin Hogan and my good friend Ron Stubbs.

Of course, none of that matters to you. I mention it because it’s that training, mentoring, and life experience that makes me uniquely qualified to write ground breaking, earth shattering, lead nurturing, control beating copy for your online marketing.

You already know that the economy and business landscape are changing.  You know that content marketing is critical.  But, your website is generating too few leads, and / or you are too busy running your business to learn the latest in online marketing.  That’s where I come in.

Whether you have a small or medium sized local business, or you want to launch a new product on the internet, I can help.  As a Direct Response Copywriter, Inbound Marketing Consultant, Product Launch Specialist, and Content Marketing Strategist, I can help your business increase its bottom line, reduce costs, and increase exposure.

BoostYourLeads started as a Search Engine Optimization only company in Panama.  But soon discovered businesses didn’t have the time or knowledge to understand the latest web design, SEO, traffic, lead generation, or email strategies. Or, how to make them all fit together.

My consulting service was created to fill that need.  Think of me as your marketing department, working for you and with you. To increase your leads, sales, and results. You can focus on your business, while I focus on marketing in this new economy.

I specialize in marketing complex products to affluent buyers.  Products and services like alternative investments and financial products, real estate, law and luxury items.

Local and Offshore Offices

You probably already know that many internet services can be provided less expensively in countries like India and the Philippines. The problem is, dealing with these countries requires the ability to work odd hours and have deal with various personnel that do not speak English or Spanish.  Plus, you need to have a very good knowledge of Internet Marketing to understand which services should be outsourced and which should not.

You do not have time to deal with that. We are a local firm, but we deal with offshore offices in order to keep your prices low. Our head office is in Panama City, Panama. English is our first language, but we work with Spanish speaking and bilingual team members.  And we operate in your timezone.

We have relationships in the Philippines and India to keep your costs down. But our consulting offices are here. This is truly the best of both worlds.

Local and Offshore Offices

BoostYourLeads Inbound Marketing is truly a global company.  But with a local focus.

I am personally involved with the campaigns for each of my clients.

But my back office support team is large enough to handle the most aggressive internet marketing campaigns.

You’ll find the right balance of local support and first world service, while keeping an offshore network in order to keep prices low.

We can help your small or medium sized business get results, wherever you are.

Panama Head Office

Our main operation center is located in Panama.  This allows us to provide affordable services for Panama and other Latin America countries.  And extremely affordable services for our clients in North America and Europe.

Check out some of the benefits of dealing with Panama as opposed to other offshore locations.

  • Central Time Zone
  • Close Proximity to North America – only 2 hours to Miami
  • English and Spanish are widely spoken
  • Affordable Labor Costs
  • Booming Economy
  • Very strong Communications Infrastructure
  • Fast Reliable Internet Connections

I have been deeply involved with the Internet since the early 90’s. I’ve seen or been hit by just about every spam trick that is out there.

I know first hand the frustrations of doing a Google search and getting back nothing but pages full of irrelevant information.

BoostYourLeads was created to help you improve your internet marketing efforts using ethical search engine optimization. This helps the customer and it helps you.

Of course there is another reason we insist on ethical search engine optimization.  I don’t ever want our clients getting banned or penalized by marginal practices.  Using ethical SEO at all times, you can still move up your rankings and traffic.  Without resorting to these risky practices.

Our Team

Glen Kowalski, has several years extensive people and project management experience.  And even more experience with the Internet.  Being in the software industry for over 20 years, Glen’s first web experience came with the infancy of the World Wide Web.

Along with a couple of partners, he started the first ISP in a mid-size town in Canada.  He has been deeply involved with the internet, small business and marketing ever since.

As an Engineer / Technical lead and manager with Microsoft Corporation, he spent over 9 years developing the top web tools and technology that are in use today.  He helped to develop several iterations of Microsoft ASP.Net and he lead initiatives for vast areas in the Visual Web Developer and other developer tools.  These areas include globalization / localization, stress and performance.

He has received training and has extensive management experience in marketing, human behavior, counseling, and coaching.

Added to his marketing experience, he is considered an expert Internet Marketer and Web Copywriter.  He has written and authored both fiction and non-fiction books, both under his own name, and as a ghost writer.

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